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Monday, October 08, 2007

Best Used Car Classified Site #2

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Well, it's been about 2 weeks since listing the Jeep on the various classified sites, and so far, only 2 responses. That's actually better than I expected, considering the price is $7850, well above what it probably should be.

Lead #1: Kijiji sent a lead my way, someone who wanted to trade a motorcycle for the Jeep straight up. There's a reason I don't own a bike (30+ speeding tickets over the years) and I'd like to stay out of trouble.

Lead #2: The second lead came through the website of the dealer who allowed me to list the Jeep on his site. Someone applied for financing and was willing to pay $375/month for it. I was a little excited since there was room to work a deal, but the dealer pulled the person's credit and they've had 2 repo's (one in the last month), a bankruptcy, and an existing car loan. I was curious where the lead #2 originated from, so I did a little digging. This person didn't actually see the Jeep prior to visiting the dealer's site. He found a link to the site from another third party site, basically a local directory of car dealers.

My original plan was to feel the market out by starting high. It's been two weeks and I think I should have received more than 2 leads for this vehicle, so I'm going to drop the price to $7599 and see what happens. I'm also reposting on Craigs List since I have a hard time even finding the vehicle on there after 2 weeks.

Autotrader.com - 0
CraigsList.org - 0
Cars.com - 0
AutoExtra.com - 0
Google Base - 0
A Dealership Website - 1
Kijiji - 1

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that kijiji sent you a lead, even if it was unqualified. I've noticed that Kijiji buys craigslist ads and actually uses craigslist in the title. Normally, that'd be a trademark violation, but I guess that's a perk of owning the company.