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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Best Used Car Classified Site #5

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Another day, another lead. I think I just found a vehicle for a third experiment so I'd like to get this one off the "lot" soon.

Lead #6: This guy was looking at the vehicle on the dealer's website and called me direct. Of course I asked him how he got to the dealer's site (which most dealers fail to do) and he said Cars.com. He was looking for a Jeep in the $7000 to $8000 range, had bad credit, and didn't want to put a penny down on the purchase. Perhaps I should become a bookie with all these people calling who can't get financed.

Autotrader.com - 0
CraigsList.org - 2
Cars.com - 2
AutoExtra.com - 0
Google Base - 0
A Dealership Website - 1*
Kijiji - 1

* Denotes the lead originated from an affiliated site


Anonymous said...

Great tests, Jake. I love checking up on your latest experiments.

While the craigslist leads don't surprise me, I do have a question regarding Google Base. How are you able to track Google Base leads?

A site like www.corvairproject.com uses Google Base to populate inventory, but all traffic will have corvairproject as referrer & the user will have no idea where the inventory came from.

Jake said...


Tracking Google Base leads involves more work than the other leads. Google Base sends traffic to the dealer website, so to track them, we have to examine the referrers in the web logs to see the true origin of the lead. When someone submits a lead through the dealer site we grab their IP address and can search for that IP in the logs to determine the referrer.

It's a process that a dealer would not take the time to do, but we want to be as accurate as possible on this experiment.

With phone calls I simply ask the shopper where he began his/her search to identify where they initially saw the vehicle.