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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Which Classified Website Works Best to Sell Cars?

I wrote a post a while back which chronicled my experiment to determine if Autotrader.com or Craigs List would work better to sell a budget car. Craigs List generated more leads than Autotrader, but ultimately I ended up dumping the car on eBay after 6 months. The experiment was informative for me (and hopefully our readers), but it did leave some questions behind. The biggest question I have is that I'm curious if my instinct is correct in assuming Craigs List will do better for the lower budget cars. I've decided to tackle this question through Autotrader vs. Craigs List, Round 2.

This time around I've included a few other classified sites to look at the broader picture. The sites the vehicle will be listed on include:

Google Base
A Dealership Website

The vehicle is a more desirable vehicle than the last one, and in the "sweet spot" as far as pricing (between $5k and $10k). For this experiment I've purchased a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee. After a couple hundred in parts to fix a couple minor details, sales tax, registration costs, etc., I'm into the thing for about $6000. More than what a dealer would have paid, yes, but I'm a private party so I think I did fairly well.

Vehicle Details:
Total Cost Basis: $6000
108k miles
4.0 Liter, 6 cylinder
4 wheel drive
Fully loaded with all options except sunroof
Brand new tires

I'm listing the selling price at $7850 to start. Sure it's a little high, but if I don't need to sell it quickly, why not start there? Worst case scenario I don't get any action and have to drop the price. I'll be updating this post periodically, so be sure to check back and see....

Which Classified Website Works Best to Sell Cars

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Anonymous said...

What about Kijiji.com, just for fund?

Jake said...

Good idea, consider it done

Anonymous said...

Why are you not also selling it on www.ebay.com , like you did at the end on the last test?

Jake said...

eBay says it themselves, the best cars to sell on eBay Motors are "Aged inventory that you’d normally sell to a wholesaler or at a dealer auction". I'm interested in the retail side more than the wholesale side, as most of our blog readers tend to be as well. If this little experiment goes on too long (like last time) and I feel like dumping the car, then eBay is probably where I'll do that.

Anonymous said...

I had luck on usaautoshopper.com, sold my car from that site in 2 weeks. Had a ton of calls and a few emails from my ad.

Harold said...

Jake, I am very unhappy with the Auto trader since it stopped the magazine they had. I sold more vehicles in 10 days or less when I posted it on the cover of the mag. since then, I tried E-bay for two postings. and auto trader online since august, received 200 lookers and no callers. I have a very clean low mileage vehicle at a fair price. It just not moving. Please opine.