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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Latest Inventory Management on Autotrader.com

While some might think I'm a disgruntled former employee of Autotrader.com based on some previous comments, this isn't true. The fact is, Autotrader was a decent place to work, and more importantly, grow as an auto industry professional. One thing I learned during my time there was that the employees on the technical side of things (programmers, etc.) are a very talented group of individuals.

This is clear with the latest launch of Autotrader's inventory management system (Dealer Community). The old system worked well and rarely went down, however it was probably a little too basic for some dealers. An important thing to note is that different dealers have different levels of computer experience, and some just plain don't care about a lot of bells and whistles. One advantage of the new system is that the old system is still available to those who are more comfortable with it. As someone with fairly good technical abilities, the new system is a lot better.

If you're not an Autotrader dealer and don't have access to the Dealer Community, you can see the demo of the new system by clicking here. Time will tell if dealers actually use the tools provided, but they are at least there for the dealers who want to make the most of their Autotrader.com marketing dollars.

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