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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Best Used Car Classified Site #8

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Lead #9: Another lead from Craigs List came in yesterday. This shopper said they ready to buy immediately but had a few questions. They want to know the VIN, location, maintenance records, financing ability, and "more information". I supplied them with the info they requested so we'll see what happens.

Autotrader.com - 1
CraigsList.org - 4
Cars.com - 2
AutoExtra.com - 0
Google Base - 0
A Dealership Website - 1*
Kijiji - 1

* Denotes the lead originated from an affiliated site not listed above


Anonymous said...

Usually a major issue if the customer leaves nothing on an internet lead but a credit app., it's a shame. All I would like to hear is, "I have this much down and maybe a co-signer, can you help me"?
At least then I want to work for it. But when I get an app on anything they can get bought on, I pretty much ignore it; or give it to the new guy!

Anonymous said...

you forgot www.mycar.net - the classifieds are free, but -10 Points :-)

Harry said...

As a former Award Winning New car Dealer I know all to well that you have to have solid prospects to sell your inventory to.

Since 2003 I have been producing & hosting my very own radio talk show, Car Concerns.

I wish I had done this while I owned my dealerships. You want to know what is on the Retail Automotive Consumers mind? Listen to Car Concerns.

Also through the show I get over a 1,000 emails per week from consumers wanting to gain knowledge of the different aspects of the automobile purchasing experience. My Retail Automotive Consumer Email Contact List is long indeed.

May I suggest that you get a radio station in your sales zone to pick-up Car Concerns and let me start steering Car Concerns listeners to your show floor.

Most weekends finds me doing a Car Concerns Dealership Radio Remote. It the strongest sales tool out there.