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Friday, January 05, 2007

Importance of a customized website for your auto dealership

It is very important for an auto dealer to use a website provider that can deliver a customized website design. Your website is just another marketing tool/channel that will display your brand to customers. Whatever your brand image may be, needs to be accurately reflected in the design of your website.

Your website should be one part of an integrated marketing program which should consist of a consistent brand image across all channels. Use the same logo, color schemes and marketing messages on your website, newspaper advertising, tv advertising, business cards, floor advertising etc... This will ensure that every touch point with customers will send the same message and further enhance whatever brand image or message you are trying to portray. Every dealership must have a niche of sorts in the market to effectively compete in today's market. You must get that competitve differentiator message across to your customers and your website is one very powerful way of accomplishing this task. Your website will be visited by a majority of your customers, and a lot of potential customers. Make sure your website will get your message across to your customers.

Over time we have seen that customers are going online before they make contact with dealerships when they begin the process of purchasing a vehicle. This trend is growing as it is easier for customers to get online access and visit dealer's websites. Most likely your website will be the first touch point with that customer, especially if that customer is out of your target region.

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